TJR Designs creates designs that leave a lasting impression for your brand. These include logos – the face of the brand – and accompanying pieces that help to complete the brand including business cards, letterheads, brochures, publications, promotional items, trade show signage, advertisements and more. In addition, authors rely on TJR Designs for their cover designs, full book layouts, and custom illustrations. TJR Designs provides memorable print-ready material that enhances your company’s brand.

Tom Rodriguez has been a professional graphic designer and illustrator for more than 15 years. In addition, he regularly updates his skills with coursework at Arizona State University on everything from digital animation to the latest Adobe techniques. He recently achieved an Adobe Foundations Certificate. He is also an award-winning illustrator and received the National Best Books Award for book cover illustration for his work on The Littlest Camel and the Journey of the Three Kings.

TJR Designs begins with an initial consultation to determine the elements that make up the scope of the project. A timeline is produced for each graphic design element needed. Sketches or digital mock-ups are then provided to ensure the ideas are what the client envisions. Final production of the project begins, with pdf proof(s) sent via email for sign-off before the next stage or next edits begin. The final print-ready file is sent to the predetermined printer after final approval from the client.

When an organization’s brand is unmistakably cohesive and united, including consistency with the logo (and its use), color palette, typography, and all graphics, it is easier to tell the memorable story that the organization deserves. The story creates brand awareness and establishes a lasting impression. Visual consistency is important to create the brand consistency needed as the company grows and expands.

TJR Designs keeps the original working files. The client will receive .eps print ready files; flattened .tiff files (if requested); PDFs of the organization’s printed or digital material; and finally, jpeg, and .png (transparent background) files for online use.

Although TJR Designs keeps the original working files and, through Intellectual Property laws, owns all concepts up until the final product, the client owns the copyright to the final product.

It is preferable for the client to work directly with the printer for payment.

The project’s PDF proofs will be delivered via email. Final print ready PDFs will be sent to a predetermined print shop. Final printed material will either be delivered to the client, or the client will pick up the printed material. All digital products will be sent by email to the client.

Accommodation can be made for last-minute designs. Depending on the scope of what the client needs, an additional fee may be added to the normal charge.

Consider this comparison. Think of a graphic designer as a plumber. If you have a plumbing problem, you might be able to fix the issue that has been plaguing your sink. BUT do you have the time? And will it be done correctly, without any leaks? Anyone can find tools in the form of online design apps to hopefully get a design completed, but now answer these questions: Does the final product fit into the brand guideline developed for your organization? How long did it take and what did you not accomplish while you worked on it? Graphic designers have been trained to follow a company’s existing branding guidelines. And the expectation is that the project will be completed in a timely manner, all while you go about the business of running your business.