TJR Designs


The aim of a graphic designer is to create engaging visuals for their clients. Tom Rodriguez, of Phoenix-based TJR Designs goes beyond this. The designs he creates for his clients become personal, as if he were actually a member of the company’s staff. Tom designs the visuals of an organization’s new brand, and also has extensive experience working with organizations to achieve their complete rebranding. If the visuals of a company’s brand get off track, TJR Designs offers consultation (and the needed graphics) to advise where the brand may have strayed from the core visuals that had originally been established.

He has been contracted by both small and large companies that require assistance with their marketing visuals, entrepreneurs looking for branding as they start new and adventurous endeavors, and many non-profit organizations requiring special graphics for their fundraising events. Special event graphics are extremely rewarding, because they involve designing memorable branding within an organization’s own brand. The designs bring specialized and emotional brand awareness to the organization’s special event, helping with the fundraising goals set out by the organization.

Once the brand is established, Tom is able to design a nearly endless list of marketing materials. He is consistently relied upon to design digital and print ads, brochures, annual reports, publications, banners, signage, and graphics for clothing.

Tom is also an award-winning illustrator. In addition to applying his artistic talents to branding projects, he works directly with authors, illustrating their books which appeal to a broad range of ages, from children and adults. In addition to his illustrations, Tom has extensive experience in book cover design and layout. Authors and publishers consistently rely on him to create professional, appealing print-ready books. He has created children’s books with delightful characters such as talking camels and dancing kittens. Tom has also illustrated books that celebrate the history and natural beauty of various regions of the United States. One of these books, The Mystery of the 10,000 Lakes is now a popular item being sold at Canelake’s Candies in Virginia, Minnesota and at the Kittson County Historical Museum in Lake Bronson, Minnesota. He has also designed complex publications such as cookbooks and books of poetry. Phoenix-area publishers have relied on him to design hundreds of book covers for authors from all over the United States.

Tom Rodriguez has achieved an Adobe Foundations Certificate (2021)

Winner of The National Best Books Cover Award in 2008 in the Category of Religion: Christian Inspiration for the cover illustration of The Littlest Camel and the Journey of the Three Kings